Killer Cat!

Today, in the mail, I received an "explanation of benefits" notice from our insurance company. Under the words--Explanation of Benefits--were the words--THIS IS NOT A BILL-- which made me increasingly nervous because, in my experience, those words usually accompany or precede other words which ask me for money.

I looked it over very carefully and was relieved to find that the entire balance of $2,425.74, was covered. Even so, I studied the "You Owe the Provider" column repeatedly, just in case the amount of $0.00 mysteriously changed. Relief flooded through me as I thought about having to pay this amount for any reason, let alone the real reason!

Near the beginning of Feb, I was innocently patting our cat, Neo, who seemed happy enough with the attention and was purring contentedly. I pulled my hand away for a second and she launched herself into the air and attacked my arm so quickly I can't even remember seeing it happen. She sank one tooth into the carpal area of my right wrist. Although there was one other bite and more scratches, that wrist bite was by far the worst. Anyway, long story, kind of boring really, but by the next evening my wrist was still swollen, painful, red and warm to the touch with red streaks starting to move up my arm. I made an appointment to see a Dr. the next day---nothing like just picking up the phone book and choosing a doctor at random! But later, ask-a-nurse recommended I go in.

I felt ridiculous but, with the help of my trusty Mapquest, found a hospital about 20 min. away which was covered by our insurance (good thing!)....They wanted me to stay in overnight for IV antibiotics and monitoring! This made things a little difficult because Keith was supposed to work a late shift but someone had to be at home with Ethan so he had to take a sick day. Oh well...all's well that ends well, and owing the provider $0.00 is a good ending.


brilynne said...

quite a saga!
we miss you guys here at chestnut hill!

Cara said...

stupid cat to bite such a nice person love cara

Anonymous said...

Was Neo defending Keith or something?

Anonymous said...

oops- that anonymous is me (Ronda)

ljmax said...

No, Keith wasn't even around...I dont know what prompted it. It was so totally out of the blue--which made it more scary!