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Ruth said...

Your bunny is enchantingly cute! Thanks for including the link to the pattern. I've just got to give it a try one of these days, though I'm not sure my knitting skills are up to such a project. Still, it's just too cute to pass up!

ljmax said...

Thanks Ruth!
It was really easy actually--just knit a square...the sewing together part was the only tricky part for me. I am almost embarrassed to post these things because I know people are thinking--where does she get the time? I just get on these knitting obsessions and go like crazy...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about obsessions, because even though I'm way to busy to get lost in a great book or launch into a superfluous cooking project, I still find myself letting household things slide and absorbing myself in something fun. I comfort myself by thinking that at least I'm not wasting time watching soaps! ( :
So on this quiet Friday evening, maybe I'll go dig my knitting bag out of the attic and try my hand at something childishly easy.

kk said...

Love the knitting creations, but
you know what? I can't help wondering:
"Where does she get the time?"