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Anonymous said...

Michael really wants to know what "that yellow thing" is, just to the right of the herbs. It looks like half a lemon...What is it?

Anonymous said...

I just gave Michael a hug, and then, eager to pass it along perhaps?, he turned to the computer screen and said with his arms outstretched "Hug the Ethan picture!"

ljmax said...

Absolutely super to see you old bean,
Ha! I was wondering if anyone would notice that--yes, indeed, it is half a lemon! I'm trying to keep neighborhood cats from using the patch as a litter box (There are 3 next door) and read somewhere that they hate citrusy things...who knows? Hugs back to Michael and hope you are all feeling much better. (I do remember Debi's gnome book when I used to babysit for her ages ago, and I was fascinated by the pictures as well)