Today I was given an unexpected gift. Ethan and I were upstairs going through toys and organizing stuff(well, I was)when Ethan asked me for an envelope. Knowing that he asks for whatever object his eye falls upon, and that not much good ever comes from it, I was about to refuse him. But then I thought, what kind of sacrifice is one envelope if it keeps him occupied for even a minute!! He took the business size envelope and headed downstairs.

After one or two minutes of silence, I called out to check on him, as hard experience has taught me to do. He answered that he was doing something with stickers so I didn't investigate further. This silence went on for several more minutes and that was my first gift.

Ethan appeared at the top of the stairs holding his envelope which he had competely covered with Sponge Bob stickers, walked over to me and said, "Here, I made this for you, Mama"!!! All on his own initiative--I was so amazed. I gave him a great, big hug and he smiled, although I noticed that he tried to wipe his nose on me at the same time.