Hurray! I finally finished my monkey backpack (pattern from SnB book) and if you dont look too closely, it looks pretty good!! I modified it a little because the straps were too small (hmmm...maybe they didn't expect adults to wear this?!)...but, anyway, I just put the straps together so they can go over one shoulder instead of two. Now I just have to get the courage to wear it in public! Posted by Hello


Claire said...

Hurray for the monkey! It looketh good. You are funny. Ha. I forgot that thing about Daddy calling you "The Boss." Come check out our new blog sometime. bradandclaire.blogspot.com
I am gearing up to post something...so far Brad is the only one who has contributed anything...but he is trying to goad me into writing...TONS O LOVE, Claire

kk said...


EEeeee Eeeee! Looks fab! U could make some cash
selling stuff u make


Linds said...

Cute bag! Be brave & wear it, and then tell us about the comments you get from onlookers! :)
We miss you in NH