Homeward Bound

Today was another beautiful, warm, sunny day. After a fun playgroup with a group of local mothers and kids, and another morning of breaking up Ethan and Lexie's arguments ("Tubby toast", "No, Tubby Custard!!"), Ethan and I braved a walk into the city during Lexie's afternoon nap. I made my way back to the wonderful yarn store with a helpful map from Karena which I only needed to consult a couple times. (Although I did get a little lost at one point..."We got LOooost"-Raindrop) Hordes of people were out enjoying the exceptional weather as well.

It's hard to believe that our time here is almost over. In spite of the antics of toddlers, we have had some great opportunities to visit beautiful and historic spots and visit with each other. I was trying to explain to Ethan last night that Karena is my sister. After a little pause, he said, "Lexie's my sister!" Well, they definitely have become closer with a sibling love/hate relationship and will miss each other. Time to leave this fairy tale world and head back to the daily grind with lots of good memories and photos! Ok, Orville and Wilber, work your magic again.


Ruth said...

Hi Liane,
I'm sorry to hear that your stay is up, if only because I'll miss your entertaining updates and gorgeous pictures. I'm am happy, though, that your time was so good and I'll be trusting that your trip home will be smooth.

Anonymous said...

It's been the longest/most boring two weeks of my life. Get home now!


janelle said...

That sounded almost mushy, Keef! This IS a public forum...GOSH! =)

the Joneses said...

Yeah, really, Keith. You're going to upset our image of you as the non-emoting type!