Land of Fancy Talkin' Folk

I love to hear the different expressions used here and guess what they might mean. Some are self-explanatory and can be deciphered within context, some are just plain strange. The other day I saw one of Lexie's stickers, which decorate the house, declaring in bright, colorful letters, "Scoff the Lot". Huh? What kind of children's expression might this be? Karena enlightened me, but I wonder if anyone else has a guess.

Lexie has already developed some of the British speech patterns and voice inflections. It is so cute to hear her lift her voice in a question in just the right, British way--when it's not really a question. Hard to describe.

Another quaint event here is the milk delivery twice a week at the front step. It happens sometime in the wee hours, which I discovered one night as I was lying awake (blame it on the jet lag), saw bright lights out the front window, heard footsteps which ended at our front door with a loud clank!

So, any guesses?


Claire said...

"Question Authority"? Just kidding...No idea!

drewey fern said...

How about "make fun of everyone" (great children's motto) - or "eat everything" (as in "scarf the lot" with a British accent, which is also a great motto for children). Hurrah for the English!

Janelle said...

Pig out? Dig in? Chow down? Eat every last nasty little morsel? Rats, I just saw Andrea beat me to it...I am not the weiner!

Gretchen said...

Laugh a lot? Don't worry be happy? I'm stumped!

Gimli said...

I cheated, I admit.

However, I offer this recipe as my answer, since it was so funny:

Ronny’s cheesecake

I must apologise, but I just had to nick this recipe off Ronny, since it makes the nicest cheese-cake I have ever had, both before and after the advent of veganism. It is a little expensive to make, since a whole tub of Swedish Glace icecream is used in it – but believe me, it’s worth it.

200g plain tofu
750ml vegan ice-cream (Ronny’s right - Swedish Glace is best.)
250g digestive biscuits (or hobnobs, or mix in a few rolled oats, nuts)
big knob of margarine.

1)Smash up the biscuits.
2)Melt the marge, coat the crumbs in it.
3)Get your kid to pack it into a flan type dish. (Don’t let him/her scoff the lot)
4)Whizz the ice-cream and tofu in the blender, pour it into the tin, (trying not to scoff the lot) and bake for about 30 minutes at gasmark 5. It’ll go golden and bubbly on top. Don’t worry if it looks a little liquid when it comes out. Let it cool down, then cover it with fruit, and pour on some quick-set jelly.

Has the jelly has set? Now you can scoff the lot.

ljmax said...

Well done Andrea who got it first...good guess.

ljmax said...

i'll have to try the recipe out sometime, Nate...to be eaten wtih roadkill.

drewey fern said...

In the words of Sid (from Ice Age) "I'm a genius!" I, like Sid, hit upon the solution totally accidentally. Yipee!

Dear Nate,

Anonymous said...

I guessed "Eat it all," too, but nobody knows whether or not I cheated, do they? I suppose I am really suspect, because of my British connections. Ah well.