My first attempt at felting. I loved the clutch in Weekend Knitting and decided to attempt it. I used mostly old bits of yarn so I wasn't sure if some of it would felt properly. Everything except for the gray stripe between the black and red worked! Wow, if this is not fascinating, what is? I figured it would be a good thing to carry around some important stuff on our trip. The fun fur is a little strange and I wish I hadn't used it but otherwise I'm happy with it. It took several agitation cycles for it to shrink down to the right size. Again, if you dont knit or care, well then, this must seem mighty tedious. Too bad.  Posted by Hello


Claire said...

What is felting? I guess I am revealing my lack of crafty-ness by saying this but...I'm curious. I am so boggled and impressed by your seemingly never-ending quest for trying out new things!

ljmax said...

I know, it is very strange...I am almost manic with crafty craze...Wait til you see what I made tonight!
Felting is just a process of washing wool (it has to be natural fiber)at a hot temp and with a little soap--agitate it and the wool sort of shrinks and changes it's consistency--looks like felt!
I FELT led to do it!!

KW said...

Coolest thing ever!
Will you make me one?
Have heard of felting, but didn't
know how it's done.
The fued is on.