Trinity College

 Posted by Hello Yay! We got to visit it yesterday. The Great Court at Trinity which was the actual setting for the race depicted in Chariots of Fire. Cant do it justice with one picture, especially with Ethan screaming, "Dont take a picture, Mama!"


the Joneses said...

Hmmmm. Would this indicate that Ethan thinks you're taking way too many pictures?

Cool looking buildings!


ljmax said...

Hello there Book Beast of Burden,
Am not suprised to hear your meltdowns continue.

I did think about having Ethan and Lexie try reenacting the famous sprint but it was kind of like a museum in there so my good sense took over.

Claire said...

I LOVE this picture of Ethan. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words. Why does that saying remind me of Roland Brooks? Who would have been Abrahams and who Lord Lindsay? ( "Mildred, would you get me my spikes?")