Keeping up appearances

Today I finally got around to changing my watch back to the Michigan minute. My body is slowly catching up as well. I was thinking today, as I ventured back into the silly world of my darling, upscale neighborhood, how much I miss a certain aspect of my England experience.

People in England, at least in Cambridge, are very relaxed about their outward appearance. Not slovenly, just comfortable. It is so nice to be able to venture out in the morning (having spent hours getting your child ready) to meet with other mothers and kids and not feel as if you must have every hair in place and perfectly matching clothes. My kind of world.

As my return flight approached Detroit, I noticed a girl several seats away who was meticulously grooming her eyebrows with some sort of eyebrow tool and a pocket mirror for at least fifteen minutes. I knew then that I was back in America for sure.


Claire said...

I think there is more emphasis/obsession these days than ever before with plucking ones eyebrows. The girls at the Shelter are MAD about it. Not that "the girls" are the barometer of all American society...but it's a phenomenon that they have brought to my attention. And here, you have confirmed it. There is this one girl we have right now whose eyebrows look SO ridiculous that I have to remind myself to stifle wild cackling whenever I look at her. There's a tiny line of the hair that she has preserved in her eyebrows...and then there is the rest of her eyebrow hair which is half grown in. It's exactly like a five o'clock shadow and it looks truly grotesque.

brilynne said...

Karena told me that people were more laid back about appearances there, but it seemed to me that people were more fashion conscious. This puzzled me until I realized that I was probably picking up on college kids while she was picking up on mothers and children, because the mothers did seem pretty relaxed. Interesting how perspectives make a difference.

janelle said...

Be advised that the area in which the garage sale we are going to next week is located is VERY into appearances...SO...even though we will be meeting before 8:00am you will want to make certain that your brows are impeccably groomed, your wig is freshly fluffed, and that your garments are without spot or wrinkle. No really, you just wear something comfortable, but I'll probably wear my wedding dress and my brand new Cher wig...=) Can't wait, be there or be sq-uare!

Karena said...

Yes, mothers here are indeed quite laid
back appearance wise. In fact, our
neigbours go outside in their bathrobes
sometimes..to the trash or whatever.
I love being able to go out with spitup
all over me and no one bats an eyelid.
Just KIDDDIng..it's not that bad.

You can spot an American tourist a mile
off here though, it's true..

And meanwhile, I've begun plucking my
eyebrows recently...funny you should mention it.