Magic Shell

Not only does Ethan persist in wanting to dress himself, now he demands to choose the clothes as well. Often his choice consists of two shirts or two pants which he stubbornly tries to clothe himself with, by hook or by crook. It can be entertaining or wildly frustrating especially if we are trying to get somewhere on time. Just the other day, Keith picked out pants he thought were suitable. Ethan came out of his room and said, "Daddy, this shirt doesn't magic these pants!" Imagine a child of mine knowing something about matching clothes! Growing up, we all relied upon Karena for her intrinsic knowledge of what goes with what. She always seemed to know, as if by magic, what to wear and, more importantly, what NOT to wear. Maybe Ethan has somehow inherited some Magic Matching genes from her.


Karena said...

First of all, I was expecting some sort of
write up about the old ice cream topping of our
youth. Secondly, ME? Guess I'd forgotten
about that talent I had growing up. haha.
I'll sort Ethan out. Lucky for me so far, Lexie
is happy to wear whatever I clothe her in....
Long may it last.

Jill said...

That's so funny! I can totally relate. Chloe has recently discovered how fun it is to dress and undress herself--particularly undress. She loves to strip down to her diaper and run around the house. Then she'll head back to her room and grab one of Jed's shirts out of the closet and put that on. She must go through five outfits a day, at least. And she never likes what I choose for her to wear. Doesn't matter if it was her favorite last week. If she didn't pick it out, she doesn't like it!

Great blog! I've been enjoying it. Jill (jillybean2.blogspot.com)