I'm Melting!

Remember venturing outside in your barefoot youth and stepping innocently on the purgatory of your driveway? Well, that's the way my fingers feel right now as they attempt to type on the coals of my laptop. Ok, slight exaggeration. But it IS HOT up here where we keep the computrons...in the 90's at least. We do have central AC which sure is nice but it doesn't touch the upper level. (The genius who set up the heating/cooling in this house only put one vent up here and that vent is in the nice, cool CLOSET)

Ok, why not transport your laptop elsewhere, you might reasonably ask. Aha, my lappy is no longer technically a laptop as of a few months ago when the malfunctioning screen finally gave up the ghost and we had to get a monitor. So...now we are chained together at my desktop. And, sadly, my dear Compaq is showing other signs of rot and such as it takes twice as long to perform basic functions and crashes every other thing. GRRRRRRRRR...very maddening. It keeps on asking me to free up some space because the hard drive is almost chalk full of STUFF.

So, blogging feels like slogging...my brain is quickly fogging, the lumberjack's a'logging....Ah! I see palms trees ahead...!


DJ said...

Palm trees, you say? Must be a mirage. No one ever, ever, EVER escapes computer hell...

Karena said...


Sounds like torture...How awful...
I feel guilty as Charlie and I sit
here surfing in our usual positions.
Love the pics of Keith and Ethan
and their water antics...Like father,
like son....

the Joneses said...

Our computer threatened to cash in this weekend, but we prayed and it's hanging on. Obviously you need to pray harder, though, because not only is your computer dying, but judging from the temperature, it's evidently heading in the wrong Direction.

Thanks for your kind comment on our blog. I've been following yours since your England trip. When I could see through the green haze of envy, that is.

-- SJ