Sublime or Ridiculous?

When Ethan returned home from his first day of pre-school on Tuesday, he took off his sandals and I glanced down at them and blinked. I looked again and this is what I saw:

I decided I should ask a few questions before I ran off to call the Vatican. I said, "Ethan what is on your shoe?" First he corrected me, saying, "They're not shoes, they're sandals!" "But...what is that sticker on your sandal?", I spluttered.
"It's a Jesus sticker. We took off our shoes and the teacher put it on my sandal. She only put it on one sandal."
Hmmmm...What could have been the particular point of this exercise? Seems a little sacriligious to put this sticker on your shoe (or sandal)!
Maybe I should look more carefully into Lutheran theology.


the Joneses said...

Could it be a practical version of "Take Jesus with you everywhere you go"?


Loreo said...

Call the Vatican?! Har har! That IS a teensy bit peculiar. Is it like a metaphor for having Jesus in your SOLE? (GROAN)

janelle said...

Weren't you the classroom helper yesterday?!?!

janelle said...

Oopsie! Now I see you wrote that it was after his FIRST day...my bad!

Jeff's grandmother once told me she sprinkled holy water on her roofers' shoes when they were re-roofing her house. When I chuckled (because what ELSE would I do?) she said very dead serious-like, "It only takes a little bit, it's VERY powerful!"

Good stuff!

DJ said...

Hmm, one day at school and he's already being pushed to walk all over Jesus! heheheehee. I don't know, it all seems rather brainwash'y' to me. Those physchological types will do all sorts of weird things to push their agendas :)

KW said...

What?!!! How funny!

Kristi said...

"When we walk with the Lord..." or maybe "Just a closer walk with Thee..." :-)

gretchen said...

How about "In His steps"?