Boy or Girl?

I have a friend who is having a baby this week. Since she is keeping the gender a secret, I made both a boy hat (from Erika Knight's Knitting for Two) and girl hat (from this pattern). At least the booties are neutral enough in white. I used up more of the ramen noodle yarn on these projects.
Found an old toy of Ethan's that works great as a sort of mannequin with no limbs.

I'm kind of hoping she has a girl so I can keep the boy hat for myself.


Amy said...

They look great! You must teach me to knit. Seriously, I need a new skill. I haven't found a replacement for cross-stitching...one I gave up after bible school. If not, could you ask Keith if he could share his mastered skill of slide show making? Thanks.

karena said...

Awww...so cute! Wow!