Yesterday we went to the circus with Amy, Andy and their kids Ella and Grant. We were greeted at the entrance by a representative of PETA whose cheerful sign did not deter us.

All the kids seemed to really enjoy the sights and spectacles, although Ethan appeared to be in a daze much of the time. Of course, it is overstimulating and I think Ethan was generally 'off' because he seems to be fighting something, but he seemed more interested in the ceiling lights than the exotic beasts and incredible feats.

We caught most of the preliminary show where the kids were able to sit up close and see the clowns, elephants and more. Here they are with Ethan looking like he did most of the night.

I'll post more pictures on Webshots soon.


the Joneses said...

You probably hear this a lot, but Ethan looks seriously like a Maxwell.

I remember going to the circus when I was about 5. The animals' tricks were so amazing to me that I thought they were humans dressed up in animal costumes.


DJ said...

I think Peta should stick to the bread and butter issues, like that bread of theirs...

Aaron S. said...

That's so cool! We went to the exact same circus when it was at the Verizon Wireless Arena only a couple weeks ago! For days after that the words "This is it! Yes it is!" were going round in my head, but I couldn't remember the tune to save my life. It was dreadfully annoying. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show and the single circus tune that I COULD remember.