Baby stuff

Yup, here I am, stealing some precious time I should be spending on a great variety of other worthy and neglected pursuits, such as personal hygiene, tidying up the homestead, writing thank-you notes, SLEEPING...But, my blog guilt has been building and so, here I am.

Kind of like the pain of childbirth, it is easy to forget just how overwhelming and all-consuming this newborn stage is. I've heard it called the 4th trimester and I like that. It makes sense. So much time and energy are still wrapped up in the baby's care.

Poor little Drew is a pretty unhappy baby most of the time. I'm not sure if it's the germs around him that he seems to be succumbing to, or just some adjusting but he cries during most waking moments despite all attempts to rock, jiggle, swing and soothe. Ethan was pretty similar actually. I forgot what a great upper body workout it is to have a fussy baby in your arms so much... focus on the positive here.

I started a Flickr account and will post new pics on it--Webshots has just been so SLOW lately and I like the layout and other Flickr options...check out my Flickr badge.


janelle said...

I wish I could help you, man. I mean, I couldn't offer much in the way of personal hygiene assistance, but I would gladly come to your rescue in any other tangible way.

Sorry Drew is so fussy! Have you considered spanking him? =) It is never too early to get a jumpstart on breaking his naughty nature. (He's wicked cute, by the way!)

Loads of sympathy are headed your way!

katlptrn said...

I know exactly where you are coming from. Sorry about him being fussy that is never easy. Wish i could be there to see him and you guys. Hang in there only 18 more years.

karena said...

Hey! Like the Flickr badge! That must be new or something, since I've used them for ages now and not seen that. Really sorry about Drew. Speaking of crying babies....I've been listening to one cry for nigh unto...well I won't say as some of you might find it disturbing....It MUST be done...they must be saved from themselves, and we must be saved from insanity (in the wrong run). We SHALL overcome...I'm getting a bit carried away. It's true though that a newborn crying can be much more demanding than a 11 month old.

KW said...

in the LONG run...yikes...talk about a Freudian slip

DJ said...

Nothing like a good workout! Now breathe deep and concentrate on the muscles you are using. Visualize Mr T or Schwarzenegger, and go for it!!! :)