I yelled at my doctor (and she yelled back)

Don't you hate it when the rattle in your car's engine magically disappears at the repair shop? Or when your child's frightening symptoms clear up just for the doctor visit? Seems to happen to me a lot. But this past Monday, I was finally vindicated, if that's the right word.

After a bad week and even harder weekend, in spite of all magic remedies, Drew's crying reached a fevered pitch by Monday and NOTHING could appease him. With my hair turning white, I called his pediatrician, knowing there really wasn't much they could do. The nurse could not turn us away...I think she was scared by all the crying going on (both mine and Drew's and most likely Ethan's as well).

Mercifully, Drew fell asleep on the short drive, so there were a few quiet moments in the waiting room. But, after the obligatory weigh-in, he was wide awake and jumped right back into his favorite pastime--screaming. That is how it came to be that, when the Doctor finally arrived, we were forced to yell at each other for the entire visit. (It didn't help that she has a strong accent of some sort)

So, we are going to see a gastro-something-something specialist next week. The good news is that Drew has been a lot better though since Monday. Maybe it helps that I've cut out anything that might possibly be objectionable (and tasty) from my diet. Whatever the reason, my sanity says thank you.

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Claire said...

Phew! I thought from reading the title that you had snapped and gone into a fit of rage at the doctor...

You POOR thing. I hope things stay better- and I'll pray. What bland things do you eat now? Do you like tapioca? I LOVE tapioca.

Loreo said...

I am SO SORRY, Liane!!! And you, too, Drew!! Will also pray for help for this situation to be remedied!

KW said...

I was wondering the same thing and could hardly wait to get to the end of your post to find out. I feel like yelling too...out of frustration for you. I thought teething was bad.

Brenda Jo said...

Hang in there. Here's a hug.

Jill said...

Bless your heart, Liane. I don't think there's anything that can drive a mother to the edge of insanity like a screaming baby that you can't console.

I feel bad offering a suggestion since you've probably heard nearly every remedy under the sun, but you mentioned that you've been eliminating some foods that might be irritating to him. In my research on food allergies I've seen that there can definitely be a connection between problems in a baby and what the mother is eating. Dairy and wheat and chocolate are usually the biggies. Simple fix (if that is the problem) but not much fun for Mommy! I'll be praying too that the Lord will heal that precious baby--and give you strength in the meantime!