That's what I like about Drew

There's a lot I don't know yet about Drew and who he'll be, but there is one thing I already admire about him, albeit somewhat superficial. He is blessed with beautiful hands. Drew's hands are unlike any of ours and that is a good thing. Mine: short and stubby- have never liked how my hands look. Keith's: strangely tapered and just plain weird. (I fondly refer to Keith's hands as wrinkled frog paws, a name which he tries hard to hate.)

Drew's hands were one of the first things I noticed about him. Such long fingers and thumbs. Hands of an artist, as my mother observed. Lucky lad. I tried to get a good picture of them, but it's harder than it may seem. When he's awake, they are in constant motion, and often they are closed up tight in a fist.

Things have been improving slowly with his digestion and fussiness. I think he may be just outgrowing some of the worst of it. Without really realizing it, I think I had sort of hunkered down for the long haul, with the vague memory of how long and grueling these first few months can be. So now, I am pleasantly surprised by little things. Drew is starting to emerge from that new-baby fog, and it is exciting to watch his awareness grow daily. I'll look up and see him watching me, smiling. Sometimes he'll be smiling at the wall, but he's smiling! He's also beginning to interact with us more and more with charming baby chatter--Agoo, Ahgrm, ...Mffmf! (How to spell such noises?)


Stephanie said...

my mom got the banana plant at a pet shop...it's an aquarium plant...she bought it to show her science class

Claire said...

It's great to hear good news about Drew. And you!

DJ said...

Hey now, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with smiling at a wall! I do it all the time, and look at what an out-standing, well rounded individual I am :-)

Loreo said...

WRINKLED FROG PAWS!!!? That's a good one! :) Chris has the prettiest feet in the family, whereas my feet he calls "Fred Flintstone feet." (I try hard to be mad at this :) ) Glad Drew is improving! The first unique thing I noticed about Will when he was born was the determined set of his mouth, of all things!