Sunflowers and Times Square

Ethan and I planted our sunflower seedlings outside today. The only time I've ever grown them before was when I was a child meself. It was a very disappointing experience. I tended to them carefully all summer long and they grew tall and looked promising but never blossomed! Very sad. Hopefully we'll do better with these.
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In the meantime, Drew made an appearance in NYC: (or I just had too much fun playing with photos last night).


Claire said...

Mammoth Russian, eh? There were no Mammoth Americans? Hope these large foreigners don't disappoint.

karena said...

Wow...am very impressed by both things...!

gretchen said...

Well, when the page first came up the slideshow wasn't actually moving yet, so when I read Claire's comment about Mammoth Russians I had no idea what she could possibly be talking about except the picture of Drew in NYC. I even went and enlarged it as big as I could to see if there was a sign somewhere that I'd missed that said something about mammoth Russians...silly me : )

What a Good Mom you are, planting things with Ethan! You inspire me!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

Wow! Drew on a NYC Marquee---what play is he starring in... ...Ol' 'Lanche is wondering... 8~)