The back of my backtack

Keith took the boys for a walk yesterday and I took the time to finish my backtack project! Hurray...I had my problems along the way but I'm pretty happy with the finished product. Now, just have to get it packaged and send it off to San Francisco! (I hope she's stylish enough:) Here's another sneak peak:

I'll post more pictures after Cristina recieves it.
Lots of other backtackers have finished and I've enjoyed seeing some of their work, as much as it gives me a bit of an inferiority complex. Here are glimpses of one, another, full views of another, and one more.

Here is one particularly amazing softie, made by one of the organizers of the swap. The fabric of the bunny's dress is reversible and on one side, she printed all the websites of the backtack participants. Look right above the flower on the left hand side and you will see my very own blog!! The paparazzi are hounding me already.

Next project:
A superhero cape for Ethan!


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