Father's Day

A few weeks ago my father sent out an edict regarding Father's Day to his daughters declaring, in part: "Please don't do or buy anything, not even a card." He wanted to save us all the hassle of running around and finding just the right thing for him. Well, who is he to order us around?

Ok, so I'm going to mostly obey him. There are lots of good things I could write about him but I think I'm going to wait until his birthday to do that. Suffice it to say, I did not buy him a card but I did MAKE him one which was easy enough and this is what it says on the front:

My father is unlike just about anyone I've ever known and sometimes, as a child, I did wonder if he was some diety in disguise, sent to check up on me (ego!) because he almost never showed any kind of human weakness that I could see. He is patient and consistent and tells us that he loves us over and over.
Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you back.

And...Drew is 6 months old today. I'm going to try to have a little video clip up tommorow. We shall see.