Hidden treasure

Ethan and I saw a garage sale sign on our way home from a walk yesterday and decided to follow it to it's source. I have so much trouble walking away from the siren call of garage sales. If I manage to walk or drive on by, I'll torture myself all day with thoughts of what I might have missed. It's really awful.

As we approached, I began to have second thoughts. From afar, it looked like one of those sales that expects people to pay money in order to become their own personal garbagemen. But, any good garage-saler knows that looks can sometimes be deceiving.

For the most part it wasn't too exciting...mostly crumbly boxes full of old ribbons and pieces of tinsel, none of them labeled with a price or anything. But the seller, who looked a little crumbly herself but was very nice, pointed us in the direction of one particular box full of dinosaur related objects. She said that she used to teach preschool and thought that Ethan might be interested in some of her curriculum materials. Sadly, many of the items looked like they may have been around when the dinosaurs themselves roamed the earth, but in among the fossils, we did find a few fun things.

We asked the dear woman to keep these things aside for us in a bag because I didn't have any money on me and we had to walk home to get it ($2 for everything). After we got home and jumped in our car to drive back to the sale, Ethan who lately has been interested in geography, specifically where Michigan is and how it relates to New Hampshire, said to me, "OH! So, that yard sale was in MICHIGAN!!"

This creature was the most exciting find. Ethan enjoys pummeling the poor thing. I'll put some more pictures on Flickr.


Claire said...

OH my word! What a great find!

I had a great time mentally picturing a crumbling old woman.

That was so funny about the yard sale being "in Michigan"...Reminds me of Andrew's thing about Canyifonya House...

Shari said...

It cracks me up that you say "oh my word" Claire. When Brent and I were first married, someone cut us off while Brent was driving and he yelled "my word!" It's been kind of a joke ever since then. Brent went to college in Wenham, MA and he says they say "Oh my head" back there. LOL!

Liane, I am the same way with garage sales! I just have to check them out.

ljmax said...

Oh my head! We grew up in the town right next to Wenham.

asaphat said...

That dinosaur is huge! What a yard-sale treasure! (oh my word!)

Shari said...

What a small world! I went and visited Brent in October of his first year at Gordon and it was one of the most amazing experiences! I'll never forget the leaves and the beauty I saw. I'll have to dig up some old pictures and post them. We drove up to Rockport with his family and I remember taking a picture of a boat in the fog and then hanging it in our apartment for the first 10 years that we were married. I would love to go back there someday. :-)