Sorry, there's more.

I know people are probably a little sick of my craft stuff so I promise not to post any more for at least a couple days...after this! I just have to mention this one thing because I made it myself without a pattern which, when you see it, does not seem all that impressive but it is quite a feat for me given my visual-spatial challenges.

A couple months ago, I was making my way through the parking lot of my pediatrician's office, trekking back to my car. Pretty easy to find among the Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalades (I know car stuff now. I live near the motor city.) Anyway, I happened to spy a really neat looking toy/book car organizer thingy hanging in the back seat of one of these vehicles. My first thought was, "How cool, I wonder where they got that?" and then I realized that I could probably make something like it myself.

And now with our long car trip quickly approaching, I'm hoping this creation will come in handy. I had a hard time getting a good picture of it but you get the idea...(I hope). There's a handle type thing on top which will hang over the head rest.

And I leave you with some images of Drew bouncing around in his new "bitty booties" somebody made for him from the free pattern provided here.

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More pictures on flickr. Always.


melbrown said...

Looks like Drew is carrying on the penchant for expressive faces in every photo...too cute for WORDS.

Man alive... I wish I could go on your roadtrip! I NEVER enjoy such festive and entertaining organization when I travel.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, and as a direct result of that picture of Drew I'm sure, I had a dream last night with Drew in it. In the dream, he was squealing madly, and only when I approached did he break into the elated expression captured in your photo. For those of you who have seen babies react to my approach, you know that this dream is utterly fantastical.


pennyjean said...

I am NOT sick of your craftiness. You continue to amaze and impress me!

Happy Birthday!

Mrs. RF said...

I love seeing your projects! Keep it up! And, Happy Birthday!

Avalanche Cowpoke said...

That thing in the picture looks like a real stuff gobbler!!! 8~)


ljmax said...

Yeah...can you believe the doctor says he's underweight (under 25th percentile) and I'm supposed to feed him MORE!!?

ljmax said...

..and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Janzelle said...

Happy Birthday, Liam!

melbrown said...

HAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was a spectacular day... I love you!

lis said...

Happy birthday!

*feeling wordlessly impressed with your coolness*