A little of both

Finally! We made it to Ikea today which is where I picked up this black mug with the ingenious no-water-pooling-on-the-bottom-and-spilling-when-you-take-it-out-of-
the-dishwasher-design. It's resting on some great black and white fabric I found there too. It went well, considering that the kids came along. I'm learning to keep my expectations low when they are involved in any outing. But, like I said, they did do remarkably well. Love that store! I don't recommend the food though...you get what you pay for,really. Very cheap.

And, Ethan took a picture of his new soccer cleats: By the way, does anyone else call cleats, "boots" or is that just a British term? I'm curious.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in color week! It was fun and inspiring to see all the great pictures. More photos from this week and the last color week here.


Claire said...

Shoes, sneakers, cleats- whatever. But NOT boots. Boots are for the winter.

I didn't know that Ikea sold faybreek. ( fabric) Innerestin.

Cara said...

Thanks so much for getting so many people to do color week, Liane. I've enjoyed it a LOT!

I've never heard cleats called boots, I'm guessing it's just an English thing.

Aaron S. said...

NICE mug. Being the Official Household Dishwasher Emptier, I can DEFINITELY relate to that annoying pool of water in the cups. What an inspired idea!

Speaking of inspired ideas, allow me to echo Cara's thanks for starting the color week. I had lots of fun!

Kristi said...

I liked your color week idea, even if I didn't get my act together soon enough to participate!

Charmaine said...

I've never thought about how mugs get that water that pools up on the bottom -- what a great idea that is!