Mug shots

Ethan and Drew, Drew and Ethan, who's who? Ethan was not even seven months here and Drew is over nine. They both hate having anything on their heads so I'm surprised I was able to capture either of them with hoods up.


Linds said...

Is Ethan the one on the left? If so, do I win a prize for being not only the first one to post, but also guessing correctly not being a family member?? :)

Janzelle said...

Is Keith in the picture? I remember in Bible School everyone just got the hood to Keith and he knew just what to do with it and he didn't even care, he was just so good with hoods and with babies and with soccer balls. =)

You two do make some stunning children, I cannot tell a lie.

ljmax said...

Yes Lindsay, good guess...Man, somebody should really give you a prize.