Dirty Face? Clean it up!

Baby food, pureed fruit and veggies, all that fun stuff, I forgot how it gets into every little corner and onto every surface and sticks. And sticks. I can never seem to get Drew's face completely clean. And now, he has his first cold/runny nose. His face is one sticky mess.

And, completely unrelated, Ethan and I drove about an hour north this morning for his school field trip to Blake's Orchard and Cider Mill. I wasn't really looking forward to the drive all that much but comforted myself that the day would be a great photo opportunity. It was. But I left my camera at home.

On the drive up, Ethan said, "Is this longer than Hampshire? (driving to NH)" We had a good time and Ethan enjoyed it, in spite of the fact that I think he's coming down with something as well. We got to travel on a little "train" around the orchard, pick 5 apples each, pick a pie pumpkin, see petting animals and all sorts of fun things. I actually used Ethan's camera and my cell phone for a few shots but the quality is horrible.

Ethan slept all the way home.


Loreo said...

Even with a dirty face, that expression, that baby face melts you.