Friday's photos (or lack thereof)

This whole week has been dark and gray and we had a hard time getting any good pictures for Kiddley's weekly photo challenge. This week's theme is "Dirt n Mud".

Ethan did try to document his mud-stained knees and hands but somehow managed to miss most of the dirt. Generally this theme wouldn't be too hard for us but with the kid's colds and the dreary weather, we only managed to get outside for a walk twice this week. I did remember to bring the camera on one walk but, sadly, as Ethan peered over a large mud puddle attempting to click, I realized I had left the memory card at home. Doh!

Ethan's attempt to capture his muddy soccer hands/knees

I've been enjoying my trial version of Adobe Photoshop from the link I found here. Anyone who has photoshop have any good tips for me? I only have this version for a month so I want to figure out how to use it quick-like.

I tried to pretend I have a lensbaby (which Keith thinks are incredibly hokey) of my own by using photoshop in this next picture. But, it's not quite the same.


the Joneses said...

I can't look at this picture. It makes me dizzy.

-- SJ

ljmax said...

Keith says it makes him sick too.

Anonymous said...


I like it.