11 months

I wanted to have a little video ready for today but the bad light of late is my excuse. I hope to make one in the next few days.

It's hard to believe that Drew is almost a year old! Wow...I guess it doesn't help that he's been pretty much the same size for several months now. From my rough estimates, both his weight and height are in the 5th percentile. What really seems strange is that his height percentile has dropped along with his weight. He is roughly 18 pounds and Ethan was 20 pounds at six months! At least he's getting some good use out of his 9-12 month clothes.

And he is developing otherwise pretty much on track. He still likes to scoot around a lot sitting up but he has also started crawling and pulling himself up on furniture some.

My disclaimer for what comes next: I know balloons and babies are a bad mix and I watch closely. Drew is enamored of a large yellow punch balloon of Ethan's. He loves carrying it around with him like a pet. Last night he was in a wild state of joy, holding the balloon over his shoulder with one hand and scooting round and round in circles, shrieking. He would have gone on forever if we hadn't stopped him. It was funny and strangely disconcerting in its single-mindedness.

Watching this weirdness Keith made a statement to this effect: "If years ago I had to guess what your children would be like, I would have said, just like this".


Janzelle said...

The thing about Keith is that he is a very wise man. And lest he forget, they are HIS kids too...weirdo! =) But all can be forgiven since they are so cute...and SMART!

kk said...

Keith, you guru, you. Deep thoughts. I would say the same too. Selah.

Cristina said...

thats a great quote! i like the picture with the yellow ballon. i'm not a parent, so it doesnt freak me out (i didnt even know they werent supposed to play with ballons!! scary!!).
p.s. did you get anything in the mail yet?

ljmax said...

Well, I'm prob. a little overly paranoid, Cristina but especially at this age where they put everything in their mouth, I get scared about them popping and then choking on it. And...I'll keep checking the mail!!

love my baggs said...

i always know what mine would look like, i think it is fun!!