Blessings, counting them

First, I was spoiled again this past weekend because my dear friend Amy, mother of Ethan's good buddy Grant, invited Ethan over for not one, but TWO nights of good fun. The countdown to this event was a ceaseless quest to understand the concept of time. "Mama, how many more days til I go to Grant's house? I CAN'T WAIT!! Can I bring my new toothbrush? Tommorow it will be TWO more days til I go to GRANT's HOUSE!" And poor Amy was similarly harassed by Grant. I sincerely do not know how she and her husband kept their sanity all weekend long. They are good boys but very active and intense, especially when they get together. In addition, they had Janelle's little girl Julia over for Ella to play with.

Ethan continues to rave in glowing detail about the fun he had. It was, 'absolutely, HUGE, awesome, great FUN' with a craft and ice cream sundaes and all kinds of special events. She even sent me pictures of some highlights. Here they are showing off their craft skills:

Drew and I got to spend some quality time with Laura B who was out in MI for a conference and able to stop by and spend part of the weekend with us. I bet that her ears are still ringing from all my constant, manic blabber. Being able to talk, mostly uninterrupted for all that time to another adult was an incredible luxury. She is a good listener.

More good news: Grandma C is flying out to stay for a few days and help me! Hooray!


Janzelle said...

Say, what a great looking bunch of rascals! Amy does rule, doesn't she?!

Amy said...

They are active, yes, but normal boys with great imaginations and an unparalleled zeal for all things superhero/star wars/athletic. Andy and I had fun watching their play and listening to their detailed conversations. They seem to have an excellent time together and Ethan is always a good boy! Anytime...we love having him.

gretchen said...

Wow! Awesome: Ethan happily occupied in a good environment, a little respite for you, and a chance to vent with Aunt Laura for an audience. Definitely a winning combination! So glad for the blessings coming your way.