Ethan's Friday photo

This week's Kiddley theme: Spooktacular. We went for a walk on Tuesday to scout out and snap any spooky scenes before they were gone. Ethan took several. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands.


Claire said...

Lexie is still making decorations for Halloween. It's hard to let it go, I guess, after all that buildup.

Man- those people with all those elaborate, tacky decorations in their yard...if they could only channel that energy into some really good landscaping or something NICE LOOKING the rest of the year, well...the world would be a better place, wouldn't it?

melbrown said...

Spooktastic! It is amazing to what insane lengths people go to make their yards look horrible.

Cristina said...

thats so great! very spooky indeed!