This and that

A couple of weeks ago, I actually won a contest on Cristina's blog by answering a question correctly (lucky timing, lucky guessing)! Cristina was my backtack recipient and always has great knitting/crafting projects and links on her blog as well as documentation of her many interesting travels. A few days ago, I received a package from her as my reward. It was a very generous and thoughtful gift including some cute knitting note cards and the holiday issue of Vogueknitting, which I can't wait to peruse carefully. My favorite part was an incredibly cute pattern from Knitty which she had taken the time to print out and she even included some nice yarn to make it!

Thank you Cristina! You made my day.

And another fun thing that made me happy today was clicking on Kiddley to see what this week's photo theme might be and seeing Ethan's family portrait featured as the choice for last week's photo. Yay Ethan!

And...last night I finally finished my advent calendar inspired by this one here. The numbers on mine aren't nearly as sophisticated but I think it will be a fun way for the kids to measure and participate in the Christmas season.


Claire said...

Congratulations, Ethan! That is so exciting!

I like the advent calendar idea...Super creative, as usual!

Cristina said...

Thanks for the nice words, Lianne:) & thanks for always stopping by to say hello...ooh and CONGRTULATIONS to Ethan....so cool! So young, yet so famous. Gotta love that.

Janzelle said...

When will it end? Another crafty what-not AND a photogaphy prodigy!

I hate you all! =)

kk said...

Barh Hambug!