Week 5: Ethan's photo

This week's Kidley theme: "My favorite things" was an easy one for Ethan although he ended up taking only one picture:

And here's one of my favorite things:
Remember this yarn? Well, of course you do. I finally used some of it to try out the angora baby booties pattern in "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". It's a great, easy pattern and the yarn is so soft and fun to work with.


melbrown said...

I LOVE those! They look like something a Who from Whoville would wear (or anyone else for that matter).

lis said...

Makes me wish I was a baby! :O)

Melody Maria said...

Mmmmm, angora yarn!

the Joneses said...

Those are great! Wow, Daphne sure could use some knitted angora booties for this harsh VA winter... :)

-- SJ