In Dixie land

This year we are spending Christmas in Georgia. As we traveled down on Thursday, driving through the rainy night, I vowed silently to myself, "Never again" but here we are and I'm very glad we are. We are staying with Brad and Claire, in their beautiful home and are enjoying visiting with them and my parents who are nearby.
More updates to come...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Liane! I hope you know how much I love you!

And where did you get those tiny Christmas figures, or are they Claire's? I'm so curious because I have some that are either identical or at least very close.

Blessings on you on this holiest of nights.

claire said...

I'm glad ya'll are here too!

ljmax said...

Thanks Gretchen! Those Christmas figures are sitting on my mother's kitchen windowsill...they were my Grandma S.'s. Now we want to know where you got yours?!