Playing catch up

Now that summer has finally ended here in Michigan, it's about time that I finished my FIRST SOCKS EVER. Actually, they are more like slipper socks but I think all the elements of a sock are included. I joined in on another of Larissa's test-alongs a week or two ago. The deadline was Jan. 11th and I felt pretty bad, because of some ebay problems, I didn't even get my yarn (as part of the requirements we were to use Manos del Uruguay yarn)until Jan. 12th.

But they knit up really fast and I had no problems with the pattern. I had to really concentrate on the directions but it wasn't bad at all, considering I've never made socks before. Ethan was not as impressed by my accomplishments. When I told him excitedly that this was my FIRST SOCK EVER, he said," NO, that's not true. You have LOTS of socks!"

As you can see I am forced to ridiculous picture taking measures these days. Even outside my flash wants to take over. The socks really are the same size even though they don't look it in this picture. They are warm and fit well. And I just LOVE this vibrant, probably considered tacky by some, color!


Janzelle said...

OH MY GOSH those are a tacky blue!

Is it cold enough for you? =)

DJ said...

ahh, youth!

they just don't recognize a good thing when they see it.