After missing two weeks, Ethan is finally ready to head back to school tomorrow! And just in time for his HALF-BIRTHDAY. Whoohoo. What a ridiculous idea...half birthdays. As if regular birthdays aren't enough. Oh well, I know it's a nice way to acknowledge kids with summer birthdays. It's also just another thing for mothers to worry about.

Good thing I have the internet on my side and sort of like to worry about these kinds of things. Inspired by this recipe on Kiddley, using M&M's instead of pecans, Ethan and I worked on these very simple treats together.
That's the beauty of this recipe. Ethan was involved from start to finish and enjoyed himself. Of course, much of the fun was taste testing the various ingredients.


kat said...

Looks yummy, they celebrate half birthdays? What is this world coming to?

Mrs. RF said...

So thankful he is well again!

Claire said...

May good health reign supreme.

Congratulations on winning the Scavenger Hunt thang...!

Heidi Helfen said...

Um, My Weight Watchers points kind of went awry today thanks to Ethan's yummy little half Birthday treats. They were worth every last nibble and I am so glad Paige is the sharing type of kid! Good work and Happy half Birthday to Ethan, Paige and Breckin are celebrating hero-Efan with a tea party as I write this :)