Voting time

First, thank you so much for your kind words everyone. I am excited that even Mrs. B came out of the woodwork or cyberwork? to comment! She is one of my all time favorite people...at least if it's the Mrs. B I think it is.

So, I need some help deciding what to do today. Afternoons are sacred because of Drew's nap but here are my options for the morning:

1. Drag both boys to the doctor (again) because Drew is not getting better from his latest cough and fever.

2. Trek off to the grocery store with Ethan and a sick Drew because we have very little food left in the house.

3. Clear the driveway and front sidewalk of a thick layer of ice and some snow and risk being accosted by the neighborhood crazy lady who trapped me with her stories of woe when I took out the garbage last night.

4. Stay at home and hold Drew all day or listen to him cry and beg to be held.

5. Take the boys to get Ethan's hair cut. This may not seem like a priority but honestly his hair is beginning to look like Don King's. Not a good look for a four year old white boy.

6. Tackle any number of household chores while steeling myself to ignore Drew's cries and tugging at my legs.

7. Continue to procrastinate by writing in my blog while Drew claws at the computer.

8. Take a shower.


Claire said...

Man! I'm SO jealous that Mrs. B commented on your blog.

Somehow I couldn't get the Don King picture...maybe I'll try again later...

Food comes first! Go grocery shopping. Maybe a ride on the purple dinosaur at M's will help Drew feel better. ( Poor thing.) Avoid the crazy neighbors at all costs. There's my advice anyway...

ljmax said...

I changed the DK link...the other one was a better pic. but others had trouble with it too.

Susan said...

Poor Baby! (Drew) It's very difficult to decide when there are only a few hours to get so much done. (especially when one of the kids are sick.) Hope he feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one you think I am. I'm flattered by your kind words! Meana

Claire said...

So- what was the result of your day?

ljmax said...

Ah, I called the nurse and decided to wait on bringing him in...he seems better today. Other than that we accomplished 2,6 and 8. Hurray for my life.

Susan said...

That's tons, considering how much you listed. I think we list way too much sometimes! Here's my list for today...
2.vacuum entire house
3.take Olivia to a stable to meet some horses
4.go to the library
5.make an award winning dinner
6.read science and history with Paul.
7.clean the bathrooms
8.fold laundry, put away!!
9.take another wonderful walk in Chestnut Hill woods!!

WHEW! Totally realistic, dontcha think?!

Glad to hear Drew is feeling better.

cristina said...

oooh girl!! i would probably just shut down and curl up in the fetal position if i had those kinds of responsibilities....i know its after the fact...but i think i would have choosen hair cuts...because you know...beauty comes first before anything else:)