Inside looking out

I had other plans for today which involved photographing Drew but unfortunately he seems to be coming down with the ebola virus Keith brought home from NH. So, I dragged Ethan out to a nearby park in spite of the chilly temps and took some shots.

I love seeing all the different interpretations and ideas people have for each theme. Be sure to check out the people participating on my sidebar. Also, I added a link for the Flickr group. You can add pictures that way as well.

I also tried very hard to get my stranger portrait this morning. It's a long story with an unfortunate ending. Basically, I stalked a little old trash picking lady who I've seen around before and finally worked up my nerve to ask if I could take her picture. She wanted no part in my photo week challenge. Do you blame her? Still, the question remains, should I go back tomorrow morning and try to snap a picture from a distance?


KJ said...

Hmmm... tough call about the trash picking lady.... My first instinct was to definitely get her picture anyway.... but, now I'm not sure :)

I love your pictures though and have been enjoying the others as well... maybe someday I'll get a digital picture so I can participate too ;)

lis said...

Eek, sorry about the Ebola! :O)

And stranger pictures may even be more scary than self-portraits, as amazing as that sounds!

Here's hoping you find the right subject!

And it's nice to see Ethan!

sooz said...

I'm happy to pass on the pecan cheesecake recipe as per your request but I need an email address for you!

KW said...

Awww..that looks like the place where Ethan and Lexie played when he was here...

gretchen said...


Get well. NOW!