Signs of spring

New rubber boots for Drew:

Cruel surprises:

Ethan had his first soccer practice of the season this week. Unfortunately, his old team, the red-hots, had to be absorbed by existing teams because their coach from last season left the state. Ethan somehow was placed on a brand new team of brand new players. Most of them appear to be younger than him. I'm not sure if this is going to be an advantage or disadvantage for him. But he's happy about his new team's name anyway: The Jedi's.

I was pretty disappointed for his sake and for mine that there are no familiar faces on his team (or on the sidelines). But he seemed to adapt just fine so I figured, if he can then so can I. His new coach is friendly and energetic and I really like her. I'm looking forward to a great new season!


DJ said...

Well, I have to say, that is just about the coolest team name ever!

KW said...

Hey! Drew is in good company. Lexie and Arthur have red 'wellies' too...:) AND...I just got some (but not red) of my own--guess it's about time, after having lived in this damp and pleasant land for almost a decade.