Getting ready

Ethan begins Kindergarten tomorrow. His list of required supplies boggles the mind and already he has finished his first "homework" assignment. As I sharpened his pencils, the smell of them reminded me of all those jumbled first day emotions, the nervous excitement and the possibilities.

I've been surprised lately at just how much I remember of my own Kindergarten experience. There were only five of us students and I remember each name and how Billy was allergic to eggs. All sorts of bizarre, unlikely details spring to mind with astonishing clarity. It makes me think about all the information Ethan will be storing away forever as a result of this experience. It's going to be an interesting year.


Heidi Helfen said...

I wish we were going to be seeing you at OS tomorrow morning for that new school smell. Paige starts Tuesday. Have a great day, Ethan, we'll be thinking of you and can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Your pics are amazing that should be no surprise your amazing


ljmax said...

Heidi...we missed you guys this morning!
Thanks Jen!

gretchen said...

Your memory must be of the same quality as Dad's: he can remember things like the beads on the rail of his crib...Wowzah!

H'ray for Ethan off to Kidneygarden : ) He'll be a smashing success, no doubt about it!