Something (else) to celebrate

What?! You didn't know? It's only another one of those Very Important Kindergarten Milestones that requires sudden, urgent parental contributions. Send in 240 Tootsie Rolls, STAT! Fashion a vest out of a paper bag and decorate it with 100 items. Be creative! It's 100 DAY!

I must confess I get a little tired of the constant need to jump up and down and send in cupcakes. I'm just a giant party pooper, I guess. But Ethan has been looking forward to this day for, well, one hundred days I suppose. Drew and I went in to observe the Kindergarten parade where the kids march through the hallways and shout, "Hurray! Hurray! Today's 100 day!" Drew screamed and shouted, "NO!".

Next up: Valentine's Day!


Claire said...

Brad and I laughed long and hard about Drew's reaction. You probably wanted to join him in his protestations, eh?

Stephanie said...

Ah yes...these are the things that they don't tell you about. You'll have to send in cupcakes..or money...just about every week!

Don't hate me too much but I tagged you for a short little meme. The rules etc. are up on my blog :)

Heidi said...

Ah yes, we have ours on Monday. Hip Hip hooray, then it's the 101 day on Tuesday (also known as Dalmatian day) shortly thereafter followed by Valentines Parties and Hey, why not have a 105 day Friday just for fun? Glad it's over for you, hope Ethan enjoyed it.

kw said...

HA HA! That sounds EXACTLY like something Arthur would do. He doesn't understand loud commotions esp when words are involved as he can't participate. And cup cakes..good grief..although they are just called cakes here. We have a cake stall every friday at school and different classes take turns contributing to raise money for the PTA:)

kw said...

COME ON! (delayed reaction) By the time Adam is in kindergarten they are going to be having parades in honor of the mastering of the letter 'a' in the alphabet. THIS CRAZY WORLD!