Day 12: Oh, the dilemmas

It is ever so much fun to observe various perennials popping up in our new yard and garden spaces. Good thing my mother was around last week to help me identify some of them. I intend to commit the names to memory. I also intend to lose forty pounds and run the Boston Marathon. My mind has been hatching plans for these gardens since the snow melted and revealed new places to plant. My mother and I even picked out some PETUNIAS together.

However, yesterday, while discussing our yard and general property concerns with a neighbor, he mentioned that planting flowers was a waste of time because of the large deer population. He eyed my petunias sitting nearby, forlorn in their pots. He pretended not to notice the trellis where I had planted sweet peas.

I've looked up some deer repellent ideas online, most of which are quite repellent to me, a human. I'm not terribly excited about spreading human hair, rotten eggs or Irish spring soap around my herb or flower beds. Do deer eat herbs? Any solutions or suggestions?

I'm running out of time here, so stay tuned for my other dilemma. It's worse than plant-eating deer roaming about in our yard. It involves human beings. Much trickier indeed.


Anonymous said...

Human urine is supposed to work! Good luck!

ljmax said...

If all else fails, I suppose.

kw said...

hey human hair isn't sobad.Justcollect it from the boys haircuts. Better yet--we could all send you some every timewehavea hair cut. Curse this space key..

kw said...

don't trust anything an anonymous person says:))