Day 26: Visit to the bakery

Ethan's Kindergarten teacher graciously invited us to accompany the class on field trips for the rest of the year. When we joined the class a couple weeks ago, Ethan received a hero's welcome from his old classmates. He was instantly surrounded by hordes of screeching kids yelling, "ETHAN! Ethan's here!!",lifting him bodily into the air and alternately knocking him over in their glee. Ethan had a big smile on his face the whole time. On our drive home, Ethan asked, "Mama, can I go back to school now?" Ah, my heart.

So today we drove back down to our old stomping grounds for another fun outing with the class to a great little bakery called Great Harvest Bread Company. We used to live within walking distance. That place is one of the best smelling places on the planet...mmmm, heavenly. The kids got a behind-the-scenes look at the large bread machines and oven and even got a chance to roll out some dough of their own. All of us parents who attended declared it the best field trip ever. Yum.


kw said...

wow...he must be destined for greatness...