Keepin' cool

Not to focus on the fly in the ointment or anything (who, me?) but the only small, sad thing in the bigger brighter picture of living in this glorious new home is that the subdivision does not allow out-of-ground pools.

No, they don't look like much but we sure miss the one we used the last two summers. Ethan must have gone swimming at least once a day. He loved it. We pulled out the ol' kiddie pool this morning which helped a little with the sticky heat.


Lori said...

Om, wow. Nothing beats being told how to live your life in your own back yard! Hmphh!!

La La Palooza said...

I like your blog header picture, it looks like a picture in a kid's clothing magazine. Do your kids think its weird that you lie on the floor to take pictures of them, or do they take it in stride? :)

ljmax said...

Thanks, Amy...yeah,sometimes they laugh at me but most of the time they ignore me.