We all scream

We tried out something fun on the fourth. This ice-cream maker is something I spied online long ago and requested this year for my birthday.

It's pretty simple and fun for the kids to be part of the process. You just need ice, rock salt, half&half, or (gasp)cream, sugar, vanilla and whatever additions you might fancy. We decided on cookies and cream:

Once you throw in all the ingredients, you get to work for your supper, or dessert, as the case may be and shake, roll and keep that ball moving. Which was done enthusiastically and even creatively for the first fifteen minutes or so.

You know who ended up with the job for the last fifteen minutes. Yeah.

The finished product was considered a success. Even though I forgot to add the sugar (shhh!)


Claire said...

Ha! I like Ethan's idea of rolling it down the slide.

pennyjean said...

We have one of those and it's so fun! We sit on the floor and roll it back and forth.

Heidi said...

So it really works, huh'? I always wondered.

ljmax said...

It does work surprisingly well...the consistency isn't quite like store-bought but we need to experiment a little more.

Stephanie said...

This is just genius!

Lori said...

Yum! Been curious bout those.