We have a winner!

With the suspense building and building and the eyes of all the world watching and wondering, the deed is finally done. I chose a totally random method so there would be no hurt feelings or riots breaking out in the streets. Here's how it all went down.
I gathered magnets representing 1-10 (the number of comments elicited by the Green Hat) and put them in a basket. Yes, there is an "E" in there. We were missing a five. I said representing.

We looked around for a fussy baby and lo and behold, found one and placed him near the basket. Because there's nothing more random than a baby pulling magnetic numbers out of a basket. Never mind the fact that he pulled out three numbers on the first try. Second time's a charm.

This time he stuck in his chubby little paw and pulled out....The number 1! And chewed on it for a while.

The green hat goes to the first commenter. That's you Carrie, aka Roomie. Now you can no longer claim to have nothing homemade in your home. No looms were used in the making of this hat, I'll have you know. Just email me your new address so I can get this thing in the mail.


Carrie said...

I am so thrilled!! Yeah!!

Claire said...

What an ingenious method of choosing. As wise and impartial as Solomon methinks. I love how you posted pictures of the event. And the words "chubby little paw" caused me no end of glee.

gretchen said...

Woohoo! Way to go Carrie! And Liane! I love you guys so much! Anyone seen Albert lately?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Carrie-- it was kind of sad to hear you had nothing handmade-- I am happy to know you won. (Maybe it'll be stretchy enough for Tims ol' noggin) Liane-- I love your blog. the pictures and daily life tidbits help me feel connected. We miss you. Happy almost birthday to Ethan. Val

ljmax said...

Gretchen..I know, I am so mad at Carrie for losing Albert. Rhodie has many good tricks left to play on him!
Val, thanks, we miss you guys lots too. I'm sorry that dear Mr. Bo-Jangles will have to go hat-less this winter. Maybe I could work on knitting him a prosthetic leg.