First day

My child and I hold hands on the way to school,
And when I leave him at the first-grade door
He cries a little but is brave; he does
Let go. My selfish tears remind me how
I cried before that door a life ago.
I may have had a hard time letting go.

-from September, The First Day Of School by Howard Nemerov

No, he did not cry. He didn't even hold my hand. I was sad for him not to be happily surrounded by his old buddies. In spite of my own misgivings, Ethan was quietly excited, ready to make new friends.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachel took off for kindergarten today without so much as a look back! She practically ran and we had to say Rachel! Come say goodbye!:{ I cried for a minute,then made myself stop! She was so happy! I am dying to know how her day went. frist grade1 All day is a huge step!

Anonymous said...

tmf, sorry

Heidi said...

How did you do? How did Adam and Drew do? Was it weird? Quiet? Are you guilty because you felt it was nice like I did or did you miss his terribly (I did that too)? A bit of both? Ah, what a mix of emotions. I hope Ethan did great and didn't have the same mix of emotions we crazy mom's have!