Just (another) one of those days

I finished up these 'longies'(pattern here) for Adam a while ago but last night finally got around to weaving in all the many loose ends and making an i-cord drawstring for the waistband. So, in spite of the lack of natural lighting on this dark, rainy day, I thought I'd try to snap a few pictures of the finished product. I love the way they came out; soft and warm and just a little big. Big enough to last the winter.

Yeah, I need to work on my manual camera skills.

Things degenerated in the usual way right into a Tantrum of No Apparent Reason.

Or maybe Adam was just trying to show off the pants from every possible angle?


the Joneses said...

Cute little pants! Cute little kid, too, althoug he needs to work on radiating contentment and happiness.

-- SJ

Heidi and Kate said...

Well, as Kate sees it, it's, "Baby laughing." Bet you wish you could see that from her perspective, better yet hear it that way, huh'?

Claire said...

I think cousins Adam and Aiden have a sort of cosmic connection or something because Aiden is trying on his wailing snotty screeching tantrums for size these days too.

flowergirl267 said...

You made those pants? Wow! That is something he can pass on to his kids when he gets older. Looks like a family heirloom made by a loving (eventual) grandma.(:

Lori said...

I take it those pants weren't made from a mixture of rough wool and nettles...to make him squirm so? :D