A boy and his blanket

This morning I found the first hole in Drew's beloved, blue blankie. It was easy to fix since it was found early. This blanket has been with him since birth and is almost three years old. It was made for him by this dear lady and I have to admire her workmanship because in spite of being dearly loved and constantly picked at, it has held up well.

I could say the same of Ethan's first blanket and constant accessory for his first three years (thanks, Aunt Liz!)...In fact, he still sleeps with it every night. He was a little rougher on his as you can see:

(this picture was taken two years ago before I attempted some major repairs)

Rather than joining in on the NaBloPoMo fun this year (not that I ever have but I did think about it), I think I'm going to take a little blogging hiatus. I'm sure I'll keep posting pictures on flickr and facebook. You just never know.


Heidi said...

why are you taking a hiatus? You can't do that, I cant make it without your blogs!

Liane said...

Thanks, Heidi. Just a little blog burnout/laziness/fatigue/malaise something something.

gretchen said...


However, selfishness aside, I totally sympathize : )

Shari said...

I so wanted Maisy to adopt a blanket or something, but she doesn't have anything that she can't live without. Lol. She loves her shoes and a couple of stuffed animals, but there isn't one special thing, you know?

I love that photo collage of the blanket. :-)