Day 2: s t i l l


Kevin said...

Hi Liane,
It's Chrissy, not Kevin. I don't have my own account so I am using his.
Hopefully you can help me with this favor.
I have quite accidentally fallen into taking orders for gluten free pies etc... for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So I thought it would be a good idea to create a flyer/menu to avoid that uncomfortable discussion of payment.
I was wondering if you would happen to have a nice photo I could use (vs. a not nice photo?)
Anyway, I was hoping to find something that would reflect the idea of food being shared, such as a "breaking bread" scenario, but with no people or actual food in the picture. I know it sounds a little weird but I just want the impression that sharing in food and conversation is taking place. Basically some sort of quaint table setting or 2 plates or tea cups etc... do you have anything like that? I started searching online but was not finding anything I liked and then I remembered that I always love your photos. Especially your photos of objects, the way you display them and capture the light and shadows makes it all looks so natural and happenstance rather than staged. They always convey a subtle message or story.

Love Chrissy

Liane said...

Wow, I'm honored. I certainly do have some 'not nice' photos but I'll look and see what else I might have along those lines...I'll let you know.