Winter diversion

When the gray days of hibernating are dragging and you need some cheap (free) entertainment, find your local pet store and venture out. It could be more fun than you think.

Drew, at least, was excited at the prospect of seeing creatures and immediately decided he must take his "mag-ny-ng glass".

Adam was wildly entertained by a rat who put its paws against the glass and looked at him.

I think it took longer to get the three of us dressed and out the door than we actually spent in the store. Rather pathetic. A good change of pace though made even better by a good coffee on the way home.


gretchen said...

Hurray for cheap entertainment for the whole family! (Or at least Mom and the little ones)

Hurray for a change of scenery, no matter how mundane!

Hurray for all of us surviving this far!

Bring on the Spring!

Heidi said...

I forgot how much I used to go there for fun with the kids. Once Kate got mobile, it got too hard. I think I could try it again, thanks for the reminder!

kw said...

We like that too. L&A love the talking parrot at ours...

Ronda said...

Going to the feed store to see the animals was one of our favorite excursions too when the kids were little. Visiting the maternity unit at the hospital was another. Just taking the elevator up to it was so exciting. LOVE the magnifying glass picture!

Wendy said...

Yah even just the fish section at Walmart is amusing for Ev... :)